Stories of Change' series by San Francisco-based illustrator Monica Garwood

Flickr Photo Download: No. 14. Perched rock, Rocker Creek, Arizona.

Beautful work by Brussels based design director I Am Sanderson.

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Aint Bad Magazine

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from89: Artist Joanie Lemercier recently unveiled Nimbes, a spectacular installation that immerses viewers in a breathtaking virtual universe. Created using photography, CGI, laser scans, and projection mapping, the piece takes the audience on a 15-minute journey around the cosmos, displaying constellations, solitary landscapes, and crumbling architectural structures.

Devour' series by Norwegian photographer Christopher Jonassen

Still life photography of worn-out frying pans.

Fred Calmets



A Structure Made from Shipping Containers Becomes a Canvas for Graffiti Art

North West Walls

The raw and strange oil paintings of Irene Alfaro.

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