Yale School of Art Graphic Design MFA Show 2009.

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Nourished Journal is a bi-annual lifestyle publication. The aim of Nourished Journal is not only to create an inspiring publication, but also to be a platform for readers and contributors alike to share, learn and connect. The journal features interviews with inspiring individuals, uplifting and informative editorial, recipes, travel stories and practical information on health and wellbeing. We believe in taking a holistic view on life, which you will see reflected throughout the journal.Nourished Journal is wholly owned and produced by Made Publishers.

Nourished’s editorial direction is built on a foundation of knowledge and insight. With a wide range of contributors across multiple disciplines, Nourished’s content is as comprehensive as it is diverse. Featuring profiles, interviews, guides, recipes and editorial content, Nourished has been created for individuals with a strong interest in health and well being, it also appeals greatly to those seeking inspiration in the areas of beauty, food, travel & lifestyle.

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LOOT by Savvy


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33 Feet

We were recently invited by Art & Graft to contribute to Tooled Up, an exhibition of works by artists and designers held as part of London Design Festival 2014. For the project, Art & Graft sent each contributor a tool or object of craft to adapt or customise in whatever way they wished.

We were sent an old tape measure, which measured only feet and inches – outdated imperial measurements that are becoming increasingly difficult to visualise. We designed a print based on the numbers printed on the tape, collecting all 396 inches onto one sheet of paper. To the same scale but with lines removed, it is both an exact representation of distance and an abstraction of the collected length. The rhythm of the black and red and the character of the numerals hint at what it is.

Tooled Up is open until 20 September 2014.

Art & Graft – Tooled Up

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Out of Body, Willie Doherty

  1. Out of Body - Submerged 
  2. Out of Body - Semiconscious
  3. Out of Body - Disappeared
  4. Out of Body - Gasping
  5. Out of Body - Without Trace
  6. Out of Body - Decomposed
  7. Out of Body - Haunted
  8. Out of Body - Buried Alive
  9. Out of Body - Oblivion


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